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Shareholder Courtney is the NEW President for VFAWL 2020-2021!

Below is a THANK YOU letter from the incoming President of Volusia Flagler Association for Women Lawyers, and Shareholder of Coastline Legal, Courtney Kilbourne-Hayes.

Thank you to our Current President Rachel Myers, the Board, Judge Miller, for attending, and The Honorable Belle Shumann for taking the time our of her busy schedule to swear in our board today.

It is with humble honor that I accept the nomination as President for the Volusia Flagler Association for Women Lawyers for 2020-2021.

My nomination has filled me with a strong sense of pride, and I would like to thank you and the entire board for this extraordinary honor. I understand fully the responsibilities of this position and look forward to bringing more professional events to the community, increasing our membership numbers which are at an all-time low, and representing VFAWL in a professional manner.

I am excited to start planning annual community events as well as getting into the dynamics of creating new events for VFAWL. My enthusiasm for the position is evident in the long list of ideas I have already created in anticipation of my first day in my new position. I am especially excited about expanding VFAWL’s participation with VCBA as well as bringing back the Annual Tea which all proceeds benefit the PACE Center for girls in our local community. We will also be adding some more CLE’s, some wellness activities and an event inclusive of our fur babies with donations to go to the Flagler Humane Society.

Again, thank you for this great honor and WE WILL HAVE A GREAT YEAR AHEAD OF US! We have an AMAZING Board and I can’t wait to see what we can do for our community.

If any member has great ideas for the upcoming year, please contact me and we will try to add it to the list during summertime planning.

Be well and stay safe everyone! THANK YOU!

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