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Consistent support with aggressive results

At the time Courtney came to my rescue, I was an active duty Navy veteran. I bought a house in Florida in 2008 right before the market collapsed. Within 2 years of buying that house I was redeployed to Iraq which required me to relocate to Virginia first. I was unable to sell the house. I attempted loan modifications over and over with Bank of America to no avail. So the house fell into foreclosure. That process lasted forever. Courtney went to bat for me countless times while I was deployed. In 2017 I retired and started a new career which would have allow me to pay easily for the home. Again Bank of America denied me the opportunity to refinance. I finally gave up and did a short sale. Courtney’s non stop attitude in helping me fight the big mortgage companies provided me the ability to short sell that home and buy a new home within 2 months of each other. She was absolutely a life saver. She did this all without charging me a dime and I remember her telling me that was the least she could do for a servicemenber. There are lawyers that just want your money and a win. Then there is Courtney. She wants the right thing done while getting the win.


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