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Efficient EP

Efficient EP offers clients a cost-effective approach to estate planning by providing affordable estate planning documents to clients who prefer the DIY approach to estate planning and/or who may have income restrictions. For minimal costs, Efficient EP provides up-to-date forms created by a Florida Attorney and eliminates the need for extra professional fees incurred during numerous planning meetings.  By utilizing these forms, individuals can create important documents such as wills, durable powers of attorney, healthcare surrogates and a living will without incurring substantial expenses.
No matter your financial situation, Efficient EP offers the opportunity to embrace estate planning as an essential tool to ensure their assets and wishes are protected, without the financial burden of traditional estate planning services.
There are no meeting, no signing dates in office and the Efficient EP estate planning forms will be delivered via Priority USPS mail within 7 business days.*

Efficient EP Payment links

Last Will & Testament

Durable Power of Attorney 

Healthcare Surrogate & Living Will

Efficient EP Will package 
- couple discount

Efficient EP Powers of Attorney package


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