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ASPCA legislative update - Veterinary Telemedicine bill (H.B. 911/S.B. 1370)

Dear Courtney,

Now that Florida’s 2021 legislative session has come to an end, we want to thank you so much for all your help! Though the Veterinary Telemedicine bill (H.B. 911/S.B. 1370) didn’t pass, with your help we made great headway toward our goal of increasing access to virtual vet care in the Sunshine State.

H.B. 911 passed the Florida House of Representatives, and its companion, S.B. 1370, passed two Senate committees—this is a strong showing for a bill’s introductory year, and this progress would not have happened without your advocacy. In recent months, you submitted letters to the editor, called and emailed your legislators, and raised awareness of H.B. 911/S.B. 1370.

And it worked: your representative voted YES on the Veterinary Telemedicine Bill, which is something to celebrate!

We are grateful to Rep. James Buchanan and Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez, who sponsored the Veterinary Telemedicine bill this year. Stay tuned for future outreach opportunities and thank you again for your dedication to animals!


Jen Hobgood Senior Director, Southern Division

Kathryn Kopanke

Senior Manager of Legislative Engagement

ASPCA Government Relations

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