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Legislative Positions - Animal Law Section of the Florida Bar

Legislative Positions 2018-2020 — Animal Law Section

Advocacy by sections is wholly supported by the separate resources of those voluntary organizations, and must be conducted solely in the name of each such group. Section lobbying does not implicate the mandatory membership fee paid by any Florida Bar licensee.

July 27, 2018 1. Opposes term limits for judges at any level of Florida’s state court system. 2. Supports amending the Florida Constitution to prohibit wagering on greyhound and other dog races.

December 14, 2018 3. Supports legislation that would increase the damages permitted in cases involving the death and injury of companion animals. 4. Supports legislation that would add threats against companion animals to the statutes related to seeking domestic violence injunctions. 5. Supports legislation and regulations that would prevent the hunting of bears in Florida.

February 18, 2019 6. Supports proposed legislation that would: a) eliminate a prohibition on veterinarians who report cases of animal cruelty to the authorities; b) prohibit the practice of pet leasing; c) require continuing education for technicians that conduct dog and cat euthanasia; and d) clarify that animals that are imported by shelters are required to have a health certificate. 7. Supports proposed legislation that would increase the penalty for crimes committed against a police, fire, or search and rescue dog. 8. Opposes proposed legislation that would preempt local animal ordinances that provide protection for animals that exceeds the protection available at the state level.

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