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Sunbiz updated their website!

The Department of State, Division of Corporations recognizes

the value that our stakeholders and users bring to,

and we want to keep you informed of important updates and changes

that may affect you.

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the updated

website! The updated website provides an enhanced user experience

with updated features, more options and better navigation tools.

In order to facilitate a smooth transition period, no additions

or changes to online filings are being made at this time. Click

on the "Corporations Crosswalk" on our page (or via the address

below) for a quick and easy reference guide that can help you

locate your favorite links on our new site.

<> remains the only official website of the Department

of State, Division of Corporations. You'll know you're in the

right place when you see our official logo and header

identifying the website as "an official State of Florida website."

Visit to see the changes and check out what's


Florida Department of State

Division of Corporations

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