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Can you live in your home for FREE if your foreclosure case hasn't been resolved within 5 years?

The current statute of limitations provides that a mortgage foreclosure MUST be brought within 5 years of a payment default. Pursuant to a local case, the trial court dismissed the case with prejudice 5 years later and after the Plaintiff bank did not attend a case management hearing. The bank did not appeal the dismissal. However, in litigation over the second mortgage on that property, the husband moved for summary judgment and the trial court granted the motion. The bank filed for rehearing, was denied and appealed to the 5th District Court of Appeal. The 5th DCA overruled the trial court and ruled that the bank may bring another foreclosure based on defaults subsequent to the dismissal o

Why have a Prenuptial Agreement?

1. To control to amount of Alimony awarded despite the time invested in the marriage. 2. To protect your business. 3. To protect your Inheritances (during the event of death or divorce). 4. To eliminate the elective share and predetermine the amount a surviving spouse would receive upon your death. 5. To promote couples to discuss finances and expectations prior to marriage. 6. To protect any children from prior marriages.

Animal advocacy - tips for winter weather

Community cats are resilient creatures—able to live in all varieties of locations, weather conditions, and climates—from Arizona to Alaska. But there are still things you can do to help make life outdoors more comfortable for them this winter. That’s why we compiled our Winter Weather Tips to educate concerned cat lovers like you on how best to keep community cat colonies warm this winter! When you check out this tip sheet you’ll learn things like: Cats need extra food during the winter and fresh water twice a day. Wet food freezes, so put out dry food as well (or just feed dry food). Use bowls that are deep rather than wide and place them in sunny areas to keep water from freezing. Cats ten

Sunbiz updated their website!

The Department of State, Division of Corporations recognizes the value that our stakeholders and users bring to, and we want to keep you informed of important updates and changes that may affect you. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the updated website! The updated website provides an enhanced user experience with updated features, more options and better navigation tools. In order to facilitate a smooth transition period, no additions or changes to online filings are being made at this time. Click on the "Corporations Crosswalk" on our page (or via the address below) for a quick and easy reference guide that can help you locate your favorite li

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